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"Ordinary Loan Application Softcopy is now available for download & use by Members. It is under Downloads Menu option. Members can send the filled-in form, duly signed to Society Office."


Thrift Deposit

Thrift Deposit is a compulsory savings and it is recovered from the monthly salary of a member. Presently Rs. 1000/- is being recovered towards Thrift. Interest on thrift is calculated and credited to member salary a/c thru ssc from the year 2017-18 onwards

Fixed Deposit

The society accepts fixed Deposit from member and allows better rate than the bank interest Rate. The minimum deposit is Rs. 10,000/-. In cumulative deposit the interest yield will be more, as given in the interest table.

Recurring Deposit

Recurring deposit is recovered through salary for a period of 12 months. Minimum Rs. 500/- and multiple thereof. On maturity the amount is credited to the Bank Account of the Members directly.

Member Group Insurance Scheme

All members are covered under group insurance scheme. Under this scheme, every year annual premium is being collected from the member for relief coverage of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Member Benevolant Fund

It is created out of Net Profit of the society in order to give certain relief to the member in the event of death or loss of employment due to disability Rs. 50000/-.

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